Do the Bride a Favor Endorses New Teen Outreach Confectionary Shop

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Kalamazoo, MI (PRWEB) April 18, 2013

Many brides are starting to give their wedding vendor choices a closer look. Specifically, many are looking for vendors that offer organic or free-trade items or make a positive impact in their local area. Southwest Michigans Second Wave reports that one man in Kalamazoo is helping troubled teenagers focus their energy into positive outcomes: making chocolates. Do the Bride a Favor discusses this new enterprise as an example of the type of organizations out there that give back to the community. Brides-to-be who are concerned about their social responsibility can rest assured that they can make positive social and environmental choices when planning their wedding.

Many American teenagers may find themselves on the wrong side of the law at some point. This can have an incredible effect on their long-term success. Without continued efforts from parents and counselors, some may find themselves behind bars for extended periods. Confections with Convictions is a chocolate boutique offering more than just sweets. From personalized bridal chocolates to bee pollen truffles, their kids confections are one of a kind. Confections with Convictions hires individuals who may have difficulty finding regular employment due to past convictions or other legal issues. The stores moniker has a second meaning as well: the sweet shop sources its chocolate from free-trade suppliers in Ecuador and Peru to ensure that no-one is mistreated in the chocolates creation. They also purchase the bulk of their organic fruits locally.

Store owner, Dale Anderson is not only a confection creator, but also uses his counseling degree in local schools. However, Confections with Convictions is his favorite enterprise as he witnesses the good his work is doing every time a customer walks in. DtBaF applauds organizations such as Dales and hopes that brides and wedding planners take note of socially responsible institutions like his when planning the big day.

Do the Bride a Favor proudly endorses the efforts of Confections with Convictions, a chocolate shop offering employment to teenagers with a troubled past.

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